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We provide businesses within Southern Wisconsin top-of-the-line beer keg parts and beer line cleaning equipment. 

Meet Our Team

Kent Rosenthal

Kent and Anthony are the co-founders of Milwaukee Draft Works and Kent has been in the service industry since 1985. He grew up in Tomah, WI, Johnson Creek, WI and the suburbs of Madison. For fun, he likes to golf and get out on the boat with family and friends. He’s also a WI sports fan and attends games as often as he can.

Anthony Rosenthal

Anthony co-founded Milwaukee Draft Works with his father, Kent Rosenthal, in 2018. Anthony is 30-years-old and has been in the industry for 8 years. He grew up in Sun Prairie, WI, a suburb of Madison. In his spare time, he loves to collect retro games, attend live local sports events (hockey, football, baseball) and work on DIY home improvements. He and his wife Maddi have 3 wonderful pets: Regan, a cat who rules the household, Holly, an energetic dog who loves attention, and Watson, their dog who enjoys playing with his toys and long naps.

Casey Harris
Casey is an Iowa native and dog enthusiast. When not petting one of his numerous dogs, he is probably trying to pet someone else’s dog. When not showing people photos of his dogs, he can be found repairing things in various locations or playing in bands, but probably thinking about a dog!
Matt Keene – Draft Technician

Matt is 24 years old and joined our team on day 1 in 2018, with previous years also spent in the industry. He grew up in Oak Creek, WI and his hobbies are basketball, frisbee golf, volleyball, any beer league sport! He also enjoys thrifting and online gaming.

Tim Higgins– Draft Technician

Tim is 45, grew up in Oak Creek, WI and went to Pius High School. Tim’s been in the industry for over 10 years. For fun, he acts and performs improv, some examples shown here: 

Hey Pass Me A Beer

Hey Pass Me A Beer II

The Safest, Most Effective Beer Line Cleaning Solution

The Safest, Most Effective Beer Line Cleaning Solution

It is important to use cleaning products and tools that are specifically designed to clean kegerator lines. This ensures your beer and nitro coffee lines are safe from bacteria, yeast and mold buildups. When running a restaurant or bar business, your customers’ safety and satisfaction should be your top priorities. We’re happy to be your draft line and draft system maintenance partner!

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