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Draft Line Cleaning

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Milwaukee Draft Works, LLC brings convenience, technique and quality service to pubs, bars, restaurants and clubs in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and neighborhoods within a 90-mile radius. The perfect glass of cold brew or beer is dispensed from an exceptional nitro coffee or draft beer system through clean and well-maintained lines. Draft line cleaning is essential in conserving product standards and increasing sales.

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At Milwaukee Draft Works, LLC, our goal is aligned with yours: To pour your customers the best glass of beer or cold brew, every single time! We are your partners in ensuring every glassful is at its finest tasting and to keep your profits coming in!

About the Company

In early 2018, Anthony and Kent Rosenthal started Milwaukee Draft Works. Because of their combined years of experience and respected industry partners, hundreds of Milwaukee area establishments trust their team with the cleanliness of their beer lines.
To this day, their team of dedicated techs are always looking to improve the trade. Milwaukee Draft Works, LLC is helping businesses in the city boost their sales by educating them about the benefits of getting their lines professionally cleaned every two weeks. With Milwaukee Draft Works, lines are always the cleanest, and beer is always at its best.

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Dirty and clogged lines can cost your business a lot of money! Not only is the taste of beer negatively affected, but the color, smell and consistency as well. This can be very off-putting for your customers. Our company adheres to top draft line sanitary standards, using only the safest, most trusted draft line cleaning products, procedures/techniques and state-of-the-art draft beer parts.


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Well tell you everything you need to know about draft line cleaning and draft beer services. We serve Milwaukee, Wisconsin and areas within a 90-mile radius.

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